Skoda Fabia

Since 2000 of release

Repair and car operation

Shkoda Fabija
- 1.1. The car description
   + 1.2. Technical characteristics of cars
   1.3. Nameplate data
   1.4. Keys
   1.5. Doors
   1.6. A cowl
   1.7. A luggage carrier
   1.8. Adjustment of seats
   1.9. Increase in capacity of a luggage carrier
   1.10. Seat belts
   + 1.11. Pillows of safety of system Airbag
   1.12. Safety of children
   1.13. Car refuelling
   1.14. Fuel
   1.15. Controls
   1.16. A combination of devices
   1.17. The block of control lamps
   1.18. The gear change lever
   1.19. The lever of a lay brake
   1.20. Adjustment of a steering column
   1.21. The switch (lock) of ignition
   1.22. The podrulevoj switch
   1.23. Illumination of devices
   1.24. The proof-reader of headlights
   1.25. The central switch
   1.26. Cigar Lighter
   1.27. An ashtray
   1.28. Ware boxes
   1.29. The alarm system
   1.30. Heating of forward seats
   1.31. Heating of back glass
   1.32. The switch антипробуксовочной systems (ASR)
   1.33. Ventilation and salon heating
   1.34. The conditioner
   1.35. Rear-view mirrors
   1.36. window raiser with the electric drive
   1.37. Sun-protection peaks
   1.38. The hatch in a roof with the electric drive
   1.39. A sdvizhnaja roof with the electric drive
   1.40. Salon illumination
   1.41. A luggage carrier on a roof
   1.42. The Tjagovo-drawbar
   1.43. Обкатка the car
   1.44. Engine start-up
   1.45. An engine stop
   1.46. Start-up of the engine from an external source
   1.47. Start-up of the engine by towage
   1.48. Car towage
   1.49. A car raising
   + 1.50. Wheels and tyres
   1.51. Cleaners and washers of glasses
   1.52. The storage battery
   1.53. Care of the car
   1.54. The service book
+ 2. The engine
+ 3. Greasing system
+ 4. The power supply system
+ 5. Cooling system
+ 6. System of release of the fulfilled gases
+ 7. Transmission and a running gear
+ 8. A steering
+ 9. Brake system
+ 10. An electric equipment
+ 11. A body
+ 12. Electroschemes


1.39. A sdvizhnaja roof with the electric drive

The management switch сдвижной a roof with the electric drive

1 – the switch handle;

2 – an upholstery of a ceiling of salon;

I, II and III – positions of the handle of the switch

On an upholstery of a ceiling of salon the handle of 1 switch of management сдвижной by a roof with the electric drive is located.

The electric drive works at the included ignition. However they can take advantage and after ignition deenergizing approximately during 10 mines provided that throughout this time will not open any of forward doors.

The prevention

Careless closing of a roof can lead to a trauma.

For the speed over 160 km/h do not open and do not close a roof, it can lead to its damage.

Symbols on a switch scale specify:

 – I – the roof is completely closed;
 – III – the roof is completely open.

Between symbols I and III handle can be intermediate. At the luggage carrier established on a roof establish the handle only before the position II noted by larger point on a scale. At большем opening the roof can be damaged about a luggage carrier.

At switching-off of the storage battery probably incomplete closing of a roof. Therefore, again to adjust a control system, at the included ignition press not less than 5 with a forward part of the handle of the switch established in position I, – the roof will completely be closed.

The roof can be closed at closing of doors by a key. For this purpose turn a key in the lock and keep it in this position while the roof will not be closed. At release a key the roof will instantly stop.

Emergency control a roof

At electric drive refusal it is possible to close a roof manually.

1. Accurately hook a screw-driver on an upholstery of a ceiling a cover of 1 mechanism of 2 managements of a roof and cast away it (3 – the handle).
2. Take out the handle 3 of the holder and insert it into an aperture of the mechanism 2 against the stop.
3. Turning the handle 3 in the corresponding party, open or close a roof.
4. Establish the handle 3 back in the holder and slam a cover 1.
5. Again to adjust a control system, at the included ignition press not less than 5 with a forward part of the handle 1 (fig. the management Switch сдвижной a roof with the electric drive) the switch, established in position I see, – the hatch will completely be closed.
6. At the raised resistance to roof movement (snow hit, freezing and so forth) to operate a roof is possible pressing a forward or back part of the handle of 1 switch. In this case the roof starts to move through 1 with the ambassador of pressing the handle.